Story of Z.C.

Seeds of changeZ.C. went to school through eighth grade. She had been the victim of abuse from the hands and voice of her mother for her entire life. She believed that this reality was her only option. Being a young mom of one child, Z.C. was the third generation in her family to encounter homelessness and poverty. Z.C. believed there was no way out.

However, Z.C. made the life-changing decision to attend the recently launched Seeds of Change Program at Family Promise.

For 12 weeks, participants with similar situations and backgrounds meet as a group to begin to look at their lives differently. During one particular evening, the attendees were asked to think, “If all lights were green in their lives, what would they choose as a career?”  Z.C. said in a whisper, “I would be a nurse.”  Our shelter case manager, Marthea, overheard heard. From that moment on, Z.C.’s life began to take a new trajectory.
Our Goodwill employment specialist met with Z.C. and our Program Manager, Asoye. Under their patience and firm guidance, Z.C. received an offer for a full-time employment opportunity with Florida Hospital as a certified nursing assistant. They agreed to not only hire her but also pay for her certification training.

Because of the limiting beliefs in her head, Z.C. believed she was not good enough for the opportunity.  She began to try and sabotage her chance at employment. Asoye told her that this opportunity was her chance to provide a better life. She gave her a moment to decide her future — would she remain where she was or would she decide to take the leap and become the person she had always dreamed she would be?

Z.C. walked into Asoye’s office and decided to move forward with her hopes and dreams. A few days later, she received a job offer letter and a training schedule. We have planted the seeds; this family is doing the work to reap the harvest.