Shove your supply of toilet paper into storage and make room for flashlights and crayons- it’s August!

Parents are preparing for hurricane season, while kids are preparing for the storm of heading back to school in the midst of COVID. For those with very little savings, collecting these supplies can be difficult- especially for families with multiple children. Help Family Promise provide 100 hurricane kits and 100 backpacks to ease the stress of this busy season!

How can you help?

  • Gift a child with a backpack full of supplies, so they can start out the year excited with everything they need!  Supply lists can be found here. 
    • If you would prefer for us to shop for you, you can donate here.
  • Help parents prepare for hurricane season by providing flashlights & batteries! Want to ship it to us and order from Amazon? Click here.


We hope that everyone is staying safe and healthy! Don’t forget to pick up your own hurricane kits and school supplies while you’re purchasing your donations.