Small Girls, Strong Will

You never know when or where your passion will show up.  One chilly afternoon about two years ago, Claire O’Malley and her next door neighbor, Carmella Duell, were outside playing when Carmella’s mom told them to put a jacket on.  The girls resisted the idea and the typical mom response was shouted out. “You know some people don’t have coats to wear in the cold.”  That is when these two girl’s hearts and minds opened about helping local homeless families.  Shortly after, the girls went into action, determining ways to help those who couldn’t help themselves.

They dreamed up their own charity, which they dubbed “CC Charities” (after their first names).  Hours and hours were invested.  They passed out flyers, setup lemonade stands in the front of their homes, and collected donations to go directly to the homeless.  They also collected a variety of toiletries and essentials, like sunscreen and socks.  Not long after their first major lemonade stand, Hurricane Harvey flooded Houston.  The girls heard about a caravan headed from Orlando to Texas carrying supplies to help those who’s lives had been devastated from the storm.  They jumped into action, packing up all the donations they had received, contributing a sizable load to the caravan.

Through this hands on experience, the girls decided that Family Promise was a perfect charity for them to continue to channel their efforts for the homeless.  On July 12, Claire and Carmella were excited to hand deliver a check to Family Promise of Greater Orlando’s executive director for $1,000. This was a long road that God lead these girls down, but the passion they discovered will keep them advocating for the homeless for years to come.