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New Beginnings

New Beginnings

Bipolar…angry….difficult…mother of four children…homeless…desperate. These are just a few of the adjectives that described Kimberly when Family Promise received her as a client. Other agencies in town looked at her and thought “hopeless”. No one was sure how to help her. She was helpless…or so they said.

Feeling Hopeless

Kimberly came to us downtrodden and full of venom and anger. She felt angry at a society who refused to help her out of a situation she felt she could not get out of on her own. In fact, she was her worst enemy. All of that changed with Kimberly when she met our case manager, Asoye.

Finding Hope

Asoye knew Kimberly well having worked on her case at a different agency a year before. This would be a fresh start and another opportunity to guide, motivate and inspire Kimberly to set and achieve goals. Using rapid rehousing assistance, Asoye helped Kimberly find an apartment right away. Once Kimberly was in a stable place, we connected her with wrap-around services, including mental health care and job training.   Her children were placed with their fathers while Kimberly could focus on her mental health issues and work to heal for her family. And that’s just what she did.

On the Road to Recovery

Three months later, we would describe Kimberly as…hopeful…healthy….on the road to recovery…and working to get her children back. Kimberly needed a chance. Kimberly needed someone to believe in her and Family Promise did just that.

Because of you and your financial support, we were able to provide Kimberly with the hope she needed to become the dynamic woman who had always been there but no one took the time to help. Asoye recently visited Kimberly at her apartment. The anger has dissipated, her moods have steadied and she’s full of energy and optimism. She sees her children regularly, they are thriving in school and Kimberly is working.   In January, Kimberly is going back to school to finish her degree. Kimberly needed a little hope when everyone else felt hopeless about her situation. She found that hope by taking care of herself first. Thanks to you, Kimberly can now face the world as a healthy, positive, happy young lady.