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Is Your Family Facing Homelessness?

Our guests include children and families of many configurations, including unmarried couples and pregnant women. All potential guests are screened before acceptance in Family Promise. This screening may include verification of child custody, felony background checks, and instant drug testing (all guests must be drug and alcohol free). Single individuals without children and those with current substance abuse issues and/or significant untreated psychiatric conditions are guided toward other programs designed for their needs. All guests must sign an agreement specifying that they and their family will follow set guidelines and establish goals regarding income and housing.

There is no faith or religious requirement or expectation of guests in our program.

If you and your family, or a family you know, are facing homelessness and are in need of shelter, please call 407-951-8269 or visit our page: How to Apply

Day Center Location
1000 Clay Street, Winter Park, Florida 32789
Phone: 407-951-8269

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