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A Story of Perseverance

Posted on Jul 24, 2017 | Comments Off on A Story of Perseverance

She is definitely has a story to tell. She had been in another shelter program for nearly seven months when we met her. She came in for a visit and was unmotivated to even try to work to change her situation.  We gave her the option of staying with us and allowing us to guide, motivate and inspire her, or closing the case. We informed her that in order for us to stay involved she needed to get involved with her life.

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Family Promise of Greater Orlando

Posted on Feb 6, 2017 | Comments Off on Family Promise of Greater Orlando

What is Family Promise of Greater Orlando?

Surrounding families with a community of support and dignity, the mission of Family Promise of Greater Orlando is to provide shelter and supportive services to assist homeless families in achieving sustainable housing as quickly as possible. Family Promise utilizes a “housing first” approach to helping families overcome the crisis of homelessness and regain housing stability so that the experience of homelessness for families in Central Florida is rare and brief.

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Maritza’s Story

Posted on Feb 24, 2015 | Comments Off on Maritza’s Story

Maritza’s Story

Nineteen year old Yazmin was determined to help her mom get the family back into a home of their own.   She did some research and started calling area shelters for help.  That’s when she found Family Promise of Greater Orlando.

When Yazmin called Family Promise, she and her mom, Maritza, and three younger siblings were living in a cramped hotel room, just barely keeping up with the weekly room rate.  Just two years before they had been living in a comfy house, but life took an unexpected turn when Maritza got sick.  Her job didn’t provide paid sick leave so it didn’t take long for her to run through her savings and fall behind with bills.  Ultimately, they were evicted from their home.

After two years of homelessness and at Yazmin’s insistence, Maritza and her family came to Family Promise.   They were amazed by the warmth and compassion of the volunteers who surrounded them with love and support.  Maritza’s youngest son, Daniel, even celebrated a birthday while they were with us.   Working with a Family Promise Case Manager, Maritza, has been able to continue working part time and save money.

Just this week we found out that Maritza will be receiving a year of rental assistance through the Homeless Services Network.  Maritza qualifies for disability and will be working with our new friends at Legal Aid to secure benefits within the year she has rental assistance.  The family will be moving into their new home any day now.  The younger kids do not know about the big move yet; Maritza wants to surprise them by going “home” when it is time for them to move.

With tears in her eyes Maritza said, “it’s been so long since we have lived in a place with more than one room.  None of us will know what to do with ourselves!  I’ve been so excited I’ve been shaking all day!”

February 10, 2015

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