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A Story of Perseverance

She is definitely has a story to tell. She had been in another shelter program for nearly seven months when we met her. She came in for a visit and was unmotivated to even try to work to change her situation.  We gave her the option of staying with us and allowing us to guide, motivate and inspire her, or closing the case. We informed her that in order for us to stay involved she needed to get involved with her life.

We asked her what was something she wanted to do; what was something she was naturally good at? She said babysitting. We agreed to pay for her to obtain DCF certification needed to care give from home. From that moment on, Ashley realized by making a brave step, she would forever change the lives of her family.

We are happy to say that she is now a certified caregiver of children. For the last four years she believed that she was unworthy of gainful employment. Through the case management provided by Family Promise, Ashley now can earn money while doing something she enjoys and that is how we define success.